Reception department services

Reception department servicesCena, EUR
Preparation of documents for in-ward patients1,00
Collection of material for coronovirus analysis5,00
Removal of surgery stitches3,00
Removal of surgery stitches3,00
Intravenous injection4,00
Intramuscular injection2,00
Reposition of dislocated fingers or toes10,00
Superficial incision with/without drainage (furuncle, carbuncle, panaritium, abscess, phlegmon)21,00
Local benign skin and subcutaneous formation ablation26,00
Finger nail ablation13,00
Installation of the single use urinary bladder catheter7,00
Installation of the permanent urinary bladder catheter with the lavage and installation of medicaments.17,00
Surgical treatment of small wound performed by the doctor’s assistant4,00
Lavage of the urinary bladder in the event of installed permanent catheter.7,00
Removal of the alien body (tick)7,00
Removal of the alien body from subcutaneous layer or from submucous layer after its opening with incision10,00
Ambulatory removal of the alien body under x-ray control19,00
Removal of superficial benign masses10,00
Disinfection and fixing clavicle bandages10,00
Stabilising supporting bandages including head, shoulder, thigh (for example type 8 foot joint bandage)4,00
U-shaped or L-shaped plaster splints11,00
Plaster splint at metacarpal bone fractions, spoke bone fractions in the typical area11,00
Shoulder fraction mobilisation according to Turner’s method17,00
Surgical treatment of small wound performed by the doctor7,00
Immobilisation of the foot and foot joints using plaster splints14,00
Reposition of the lower jaw luxation and fixing bandage9,00
Plaster application4,00
Circular plaster bandage for one joint (tutor)14,00
Removal of plaster bandage3,00
Puncture of the elbow, knee, shoulder and thigh joints9,00
Local anaesthesia at punctures, installation of catheters and other.6,00
Blood analysis from vein using closed Vacutainer system2,00
Blood pressure measuring1,00
Surgical treatment of large wound performed by the doctor’s assistant7,00
ECG Recording7,00
Intravenous infusion unit setting, infusion of medicaments.20,00
For each additional medicament1,00
Diphtheria and tetanus vaccination, rabies vaccination1,00
Surgical treatment of large wound performed by the doctor10,00
Blockade (without medication)4,00
Medication blockade15,00
Surgical treatment of large (10 cm) wound performed by the doctor’s assistant10,00
Removal of surgery stitches, bandage application 5,00
Plaster splint at finger fracture (one finger)4,00
Blood taken from a finger1,00
Surgical treatment of large (10cm) wound performed by the doctor13,00
Reposition of metacarpal bone fractures of upper and lower extremities10,00
Surgical treatment of the wound with excision or stitching performed by the doctor’s assistant10,00
Arm or leg toe dislocations reposition (local anesthesia) (outpatient)14,00
Locked reposition without plaster immobilization costs (local anaesthesia) (outpatient)27,00
Elbow, shoulder and hip joint dislocations reposition closed (short-acting i/v or local anesthesia) (outpatient)19,00
External fixation apparatus, or remove the trussing (outpatient)9,00
Bone internal fixation (rod, plate, screws) the removal of small long bones (local anesthesia)27,00
Rapid bone fixation with wire (transcutaneous, a local anesthetic)90,00
Finger nail resection7,00
Alcohol concentration determination (in the laboratory)24,00
Drug concentrations determination with test11,00
Surgical treatment of the wound with excision or stitching performed by the doctor13,00
Medical document formation for the analysis which are not carried out in a hospital in Jurmala0,30
Medical screening - of alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic or toxic substances of the determination35,57
Drug concentrations determination in Riga0,01
Alcohol concentration determination (exhaled air)11,00
Medical documentation for a foreign language7,00
Immunoglobulins against Rabies (one vial Favirab)90,00
Vaccination rabies (one dose Verorab)13,00
Vaccination tetanus (one dose Imovax)7,00
Blood taken from a vein (one vacutainer)2,40
Blood taken from a vein (two vacutainer)2,70
Injection of medicaments, lavage in case of abscesses and festering wounds, change of drainages7,00
Blood taken from a vein (three vacutainer)3,00
Capillary blood collection with Microtainer1,70
Ortokin injection171,00
Blood taken from a finger (one vacutainer)1,30
Rapture of bones, tendon vaginas and panaritiums, including drainages, rapture of palm phlegmons26,00
Circular plaster application on 1 joint20,00
Removal of circular plaster from 1 joint9,00
Medical documentation for a foreign language3,00
Ternet injection in joint with corticosteroids30,00