Reception department services

Small wound (up to 5 cm) surgical dressing (with patch)5.00
Small wound (less than 5 cm) surgical dressing (with gauze bandage)9.00
Surgical dressing for large wounds (5 -10 cm)13.00
Large wound surgery (from 10cm)17.00
Wound dressing with cut-out and closure13.00
Preparation of outpatient documents1.00
Removal of seams or staples (more than 10 staples, seams)15.00
Suture removal without bandage5.00
Intravenous injection6.00
Intramuscular, subcutaneous injection4.00
Collection of material for coronavirus analysis6.00
Reposition of dislocated fingers or toes13.00
Superficial incision with/without drainage excl.anesthesia (furuncle, carbuncle, panaritium, abscess, phlegmon)27.00
Benign, skin, subcutaneous extirpation, excluding anesthesia (with skin sutures)33.00
Installation of the permanent urinary bladder catheter.22.00
Small wound (up to 5 cm) surgical dressing (with patch)5.00
Bladder lavage in the case of a stand-alone catheter9.00
Removal of a foreign body (tick)9.00
Removal of foreign body from the subcutaneous tissue by means of incisions, excluding anesthesia13.00
Disinfection and fixing clavicle bandages15.00
Stabilising supporting bandages (8-type or bandage)6.00
L-shaped plaster splints15.00
Plaster splint at metacarpal bone fractions, spoke bone fractions in the typical area14.00
Small wound (less than 5 cm) surgical dressing (with gauze bandage)9.00
U-shaped plaster splints18.00
Reposition of the lower jaw luxation and fixing bandage12.00
Removal of plaster bandage5.00
Puncture of the elbow, knee joints15.00
Local anaesthesia8.00
Blood analysis from vein using closed Vacutainer system2.50
Vacutainer (incl. VAT12% EUR 0.03)0.30
Blood pressure measuring2.50
ECG Recording8.00
Intravenous infusion unit setting and infusion (incl.medication)20.00
Anal examination with intravenous anesthesia70.00
Anal poyp ablation (rectoscopy)35.00
Rectoscopy without biopsy35.00
Rectoscopy with biopsy for polyp removal45.00
Largre wound surgical dressing (5 -10 cm)13.00
Suture removal, bandage application (up to 10 sutures)7.00
Plaster splint at finger fracture (one finger)8.00
Large wound surgical dressing (from 10cm)17.00
Wound dressing with excision and closure, excluding anesthesia13.00
Reposition of shoulder joint dislocations, excl. anesthesia)24.00
Determination of alcohol concentration24.00
Determination of drug intoxication (test)11.00
Preparation of medical documents for analyzes for 1 referral1.00
Medical screening of alcohol determination49.80
Determination of drugs (in Riga)0.01
Alcohol conc. determination with an breathalyzer11.00
Preparation of medical documents for foreigners (in russian or english language)9.00
Rabies vaccine 1 dose (Verorab)30.00
Tetanus vaccine 1 dose (Imovax)15.00
Wound cavity rinsing and wound dressing9.00
Medical examination for drugs49.80
Capillary blood collection with Microtainer2.00
Complete or partial nail removal, excluding anesthesia33.00
Preparation of medical documentation for translation5.00
Combined (corticosteroid) blockade of the knee, hip or foot joint40.00
Combined (corticosteroid) blockade of the knee, hip or foot joint40.00
Consultation of a doctor's assistant15.00
Combined (corticosteroid) blockade in the shoulder joint50.00
Combined (corticosteroid) paravertabral blockade of the lumbar or thoracic spine40.00
Combined (corticosteroid) blockade of the wrist or finger joints20.00