Intragastric Balloon 

A gastric balloon is introduced under anaesthesia using a gastroscope. A doctor places the balloon in the stomach and fills it with sterile saline. The balloon fills the stomach and therefore this individual’s appetite is satisfied much faster. This is a short-term treatment method, because the balloon is removed within  twelve months. During the first 6 months, the individual loses about 30% to 40% of his or her initial excess weight. The method allows preventing the obesity risk in the future, if healthy lifestyle recommendations are followed.

We recommend placement of a gastric balloon:

  • Obesity of 2nd or 3rd degree
  • Complex therapy for BMI > 50 for a bariatric surgery;
  • To reduce the risk before surgeries;
  • To reduce the risk of other obesity related diseases.

The gastric balloon “SPATZ3 Adjustable Ballon System” should be removed during gastroscopy in 12 months. It is possible to lose up to 40 kg of weight within this time. After the removal of the balloon, doctor’s recommendations should be followed – optimal body weight should be maintained by regular physical exercise and healthy food.

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