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Jurmala Hospital offers two the most common, developed and effective types of Weight Loss Surgery – Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy


Why to choose Jurmala Hospital:


Jurmala Hospital  is a multi-profile and emergency medical treatment establishment providing health care services to patients coming from all over Latvia, as well as from abroad. On the contrary to private clinics, we have modern resuscitation and intensive care, which is an important fact for safety of patients during any surgeries!


Surgeons of Jurmala Hospital have extensive experience in such surgeries, including on foreign patients, especially those from Scandinavia and UK. Bariatric surgeries are performed by the Head of the Surgical Department, surgeon Egons Liepins.  He is highly acknowledged with more than 25 years experience in general surgery and over 10 years expereince in bariatric surgeries.


Diagnostic examinations  can be done in one day and waiting time for operation  is few weeks only.


We are just 15 minutes away from the Riga Airport, which offers convenient air connections to all European cities. There are a lot of direct flights from the main European cities.In case of necessity we can provide transfer service from the airport to hospital.  There are a lot of nice hotels nearby hospital in case you arrive earlier.


Latvia has been a part of the EU and NATO since 2004. Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the whole region and fastest internet speed in the world. Latvian medical schools have trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many foreign hospitals.

Please send your inquiry to our patient coordinator Elina Stupane: ph.+371- 26530660 (only in working hours),

Please note that all the pre-surgery exams can be done in our hospital.

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  1. Anonīms
    9 hours ago

    I would recommend bariatric surgery for anyone who is fighting the obesity battle.To wake up every morning and know you are no longer fat is truly a gift and a blessing!

  2. Anonīms
    6 hours ago

    April 3, 2016 I stayed here in march-16, for 4 days, for surgery. I am so happy with my stay. The hospital has modern equipment, the staff are so friendly and professional, and their english is excellent. The rooms are bright, clean (cleaned every day) and the beds are very comfortable. The nurses are so helpful and nice, and they came quickly whenever I needed them (1 minute waiting time maximum, after ringing the alarm). The doctors and other staff are just super professional and extremely skilled. I definitely recommend this hospital.

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