About us

About us


Hospital Jūrmalas slimnīca LLC is a multi-profile and emergency medical treatment establishment providing health care services to patients coming from all over Latvia, as well as from abroad.  Medical treatment institution code – 130020302.

Treatment and diagnostic service profile of the hospital

Inpatient unit

Hospital surgical, general medicine, gynaecological and labour assistance services, including planned and emergency health care and patient observation care.


Out-patient health care services, including day-care facilities, wide spectrum out-patient specialist consultations, and residential care of patients.

Diagnostic unit

Diagnostic services, including ray diagnostic, clinical physiology, laboratory diagnostic and endoscopy services.


Rehabilitation services, including physical therapy and physiotherapy services.

Other Services

The total hospital building floor area: 8,418 sq.m
The total number of beds: 100
Number of employees: 275

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