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Hospital “Jūrmalas slimnīca” Ltd. is a multi-profile and emergency medical treatment establishment providing health care services to patients coming from all over Latvia, as well as from abroad.


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  • Anonīms Bariatric surgery: “I want to thank you for excellent care and treatment! You all were very kind to me and professional in your work. I felt safe in my stay here and now I look forward to e new and more healthy life! Before I leave your country I will enjoy a weekend here on you beautiful beach and of course see Riga!Jan 30, 16:47
  • Anonīms Verdins Karlis: ““Dr. Verdins is truly a nice person and an amazing surgeon. The best compliments me on the breast enlargement he done. Beautiful result! Dr. Verdins is very professional! Highly recommend!”Jan 30, 16:46
  • Anonīms Bariatric surgery: “I would recommend bariatric surgery for anyone who is fighting the obesity battle.To wake up every morning and know you are no longer fat is truly a gift and a blessing!Jan 30, 16:45
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