About Our Specialists

Childbirth in Jurmala Hospital is a good choice if you are looking for a safe and cozy environment. Our Obstetric Department is the 3rd largest department in Latvia by the number of deliveries. Our benefits are a very much home-like environment, modern technologies and very experienced specialists.

Safety and friendly enviroment
  • responsive attitude and highly qualified personnel
  • home-like wards and additional service
  • maximally natural and peaceful delivery
  • monitoring of baby’s well-being during delivery
  • modern resuscitation and intensive care facilities
  • caesarean section surgeries
  • services “Homebirth in hospital” and water birth
  • English speaking doctor

The service includes:

  • a spacious and cozy ward with high comfort conditions
  • individually selected gynecologist – obstetrician and midwife
  • catering for 2 people


Jūrmala Hospital has two such wards or Home Maternity Hospitals, which are created according to the samples of the best foreign clinics!


To get more information or to apply for the service please email:

For mother:
Passport or ID card, mother’s passport, ultrasound scores
Bathrobe, short socks, clean room shoes
Sanitary towels/pads with wings, maxi size- 7 – 10 pcs.
Adult diapers – 4 pcs.
Baby nursing bra – 2 pcs. and bra pads – 1 set
Personal hygiene accessories
Drinking water (preferably a 0.5 liter bottle with a cap)
Big shower towel
“Mikrolax” (premarital enema)
Special healing cream for nipples (to use after breastfeeding)

For father
Shorts and T-shirt
Clean room shoes
Chest X-ray (valid 1 year)

For baby:
Thin hat: 1 – 2 pcs.
Thin  shirt/bodysuit: 3 – 5 pcs.
Cardigan: 3 – 5 pcs.
Pants : 3 – 5 pcs.
Diapers (3-6 kg in weight)
Socks: 2 pairs
Car seat and outerwear

Not only a support person, but also a doula can participate in the birth. A doula must be certified and listed on the website of the Association of Latvian Doulas: www.dulas.lv. The doula must have a report of a lung X-ray examination performed within the last 12 months. The fee for the participation of a doula is according to the price list.

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