Obstetrics (childbirth)

For foreigners only
Vaginal delivery 900.00
Caesarean section due to medical indications 1500.00
Single use kit for labour 9.00
Anti-Rhesus Immunoglobulin 100.00
BCG vaccine (for newborns) 2.00
Genetic screening for newborns 35.00
Chest X-ray 10.00
Pain relief during labour using epidural anaesthesia 285.00

NB! Due to language barrier that could eventualy take place with a staff, we recomend to have and individually selected specialist with English or Russian language skills.


Contracts about individual care during the childbirth EUR
Childbirth with individually selected gynecologist - childbirth specialist 750.00
Childbirth with individually selected midwife 550.00
Childbirth with an individually selected neonatologist 300,00
Childbirth with an individually selected anesthesiologist 300,00

Additional services EUR
Caesarean section on patient’s request 1900,00
Service "Homebirth in hospital" 1600.00
Relaxing in bath during childbirth 43,00
Water birth (available only with individually selected doctor or midwife) 72,00

Accomodations EUR
Accommodation per day in single-room 40,00
Double bed (family) ward per day 55,00
Accomodation lux ward per day 80,00
Accomodation in "Homebirth in hospital" ward per day 80,00
Additional daily meals (for the close person of the patient) 19.00

Childbirth 900.00
BCG vaccine (for newborns) 2.00
Screening for newborns 65.00
Caesarean section on patient’s request 1900.00
Vaccination passport for child 0.40
Shoals 2.00
Cardiotocogram with description (out-patient) 7.00
Microlax" enema 1.50
Surgical contraception during caesarean section 70.00
Presence of the relative / close person during Caesarean section 86.00
Doula participation in childbirth 29.00 (free of charge in case of person under age 18)
Disposable set for accompanying person (excl. VAT EUR 4.96, VAT 21% EUR 1.04, total EUR 6.0) 6.00