Dermatology – manipulations

Criodestruction * (for 1 formation) (price varies according to localization and size)from 9.00
Repeated cryodestruction * (for 1 formation)from 6.00
Electrocoagulation * (for one formation, without a cost of anesthesia)from 12.00
Optical dermatoscopy (1 formation)15,00
Optical dermatoscopy (up to 50 formations)25,00
Skin and nail scraping, smear taking, taking material for cytology tests (excl. a cost of analyses)5,00
Punch or shave biopsy without ligature (excl. cost of analyses)18,00
Punch or shave biopsy with ligature (excl. cost of analyses)25,00
Intracutaneous anesthesia (for one formation, incl. a cost a medication)10,00
Taking testing material for examinations on sexually transmitted diseases (excl. a cost analyses)8,00