Health care at home

Health care at homeEUR
Injection of medicaments at patients' home7,00
Postoperative removal of stiches and surgical staples9,50
Secondary intention wound care14,00
Pressure ulcer care14,00
Trophic ulcer care14,00
Urinary catheter care14,00
Colostomy care9,50
Ileostomy care9,50
Nephrostomy care9,50
Cystostomy care9,50
Gastrostomy care9,50
Electrocardiography recording at home14,00
Tracheostomy care14,00
Enteral feeding via tube14,00
Blood glucose testing (supplementary service)1,00
Blood glucose testing7,00
Vital sign control (supplementary service)7,00
Transport services0,28
Vital sign monitoring at home1,00
Blood taken at patients' home, transportation to laboratory9,50
injection of medicaments at patients' home9,50
Intravenous system insertion and fluid administration14,00
I/v system insertion; for every 30 minutes5,00
Primary intention wound care9,50