Medical care service for patients in their places of residence provided by nurses, medical assistants or physical therapists:
• if the person has a chronic illness and movement disorders, due to which the person is unable to attend a medical institution;
• the person has been discharged from an inpatient treatment facility or from a day hospital after a surgical intervention.


• Planned patient care (coordination with doctor and patient);
• Medical manipulations: administration of medications (injections, infusions) and care of damage to the skin (bandages for primary and secondary healing wounds, bedsores, trophic ulcers);
• Artificial opening care;
• Enteral feeding through a tube;
• Educating patients and their family members in care.

In order to receive state-paid health care at home, you need a referral for health care at home from a general practitioner or a specialist of the treating institution.


How to apply
Please contact the head nurse of the department on working days from 8.30 to 17.00: Inese Livčāne, ph. 67512984, 28806488,

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