Health Check Up

  • If there are any specific complaints, congenital abnormalities or diseases – in order to determine the current condition and to predict progression of any disease.
  • If there are no specific health related complaints – to determine and prevent risks of different diseases in a timely manner
  • Fast – this is usually done within only 1 day.
  • Complex approach – you get a general picture of your health condition, potential risks of diseases, or it allows identifying causes of existing diseases.
  • Individual approach – the examination plan is not standardized, it is prepared individually for each patient taking into account already available examination results. Moreover, a hospital staff member will accompany you throughout the day to all examinations and consultations.

Step 1

First consultation from the Head of the Department of Internal Diseases*. Take results of previous examinations, if any, with you. The doctor listens to your complaints, conducts a general visual check up and creates a plan of examinations based on the information obtained. Different additional specialists (surgeon, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, etc.) are involved, when needed.

Step 2

Diagnostic examinations and consultations of additional involved specialists.

Step 3

Repeated consultation – when all the examination results have been received, the doctor gives his statement and recommends preventive measures or treatment, as needed.

*Consultations of the Head of the Department of Internal Diseases, internist Dr. Juris Leitāns.

To get more information or to apply for the service please contact our patients coordinator Iveta Stikone:  call +371- 27268828 or email:


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